Top 3 errors made during Science papers

Exam seasons are always stressful and daunting. Children stay up to study but when it comes to actually sitting for the exam, they sometimes black out and fail to perform. Why is that the case?

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Here are some common errors that students make during their papers.


1. Not reading the question properly

When students look at long questions that look like mini-comprehensions, they often skim through the questions and lose focus.


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When they do so, they make mistakes because they do not unpack the questions properly. They end up picking the wrong key information and assume that the question is asking a certain topic. This results in answering the questions wrongly as they miss out on identifying the correct key information.


2. Wrong concept

This error is frequently repeated as students skim through the question and are unable to pick out the right topic or concept.


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As this happens the options for MCQs may be overbearing or may result in an answer that may be too general and not specific enough. Students need to learn how to put on their critical lens while answering such questions to apply the accurate concepts and its relation to the questions given.


3. Memorise template answers

Despite memorising the theory behind the questions, and following a template answer, students still do not get marks because they were not analytical.

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Application of the concept and theory is crucial in questions to display the fact that students understand what the question is asking for. This aspect differentiates the difference between students who understand the identified concept and students who memorise the template answer.

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